Dating sites ireland fish

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Dating sites ireland fish

Around 6000 years ago, the first farming communities appear in Ireland.They began to clear farmland from the forests, planting wheat and keeping cattle, sheep,goats and pigs.This period is known as the Neolithic, or New Stone Age.What made it ‘New’ was that these people had learnt to grow their own food and keep animals, rather than depending on hunting or gathering.This also meant that they tended to stay in the same place for much longer.They had learnt to make pottery, which was useful for cooking and storing food and drink.

When they first arrived, they used tiny chips of stone called to make blades, arrows and harpoons; later they started using much heavier blades of stone.

These were ritual deposits, deliberately cast into pools and bogs.

One of the reasons people may have done this was the changing climate.

Some of the metalwork is magnificent, particularly new weaponry like swords, shields and spears, the rich golden ornaments, and huge bronze cauldrons for feasting.

Much of this has been found in wet places, often in great hoards.

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The Bronze Age lasts for about 2000 years in Ireland, becoming increasingly sophisticated over time.

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